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Race Rules

Don't let this be you!


The race rules are set by the Race Organiser (RO) and by Scottish Hill Runners safety rules. Where they differ, the RO rules prevail. SHR rules can be downloaded below.

Runners must not drop litter. Runners in contravention of this rule will be disqualified.

The route crosses fields where livestock may be present. Runners should not unduly disturb the livestock.

Runners must stop to assist another runner in distress.

In case of withdrawal after the start runners must notify a marshall if they do not intend to complete the race. This will prevent an unnecessary search.

In case of injured runners who cannot continue, marshals will call the Race Organiser with details of runner location.  4WD vehicle will be arranged. In case of injured runner who is able to walk safely, marshals will call the Race Organiser with details of injury so that the first aider can be notified. A vehicle may still be despatched so the runner may be asked to remain with a marshall.


Whilst this is technically a category C hill race, in practical terms the risks of exposure or injury are very low due to the low altitude, underfoot conditions, marked nature of the route and proximity to roads and tracks accessible by vehicle. Therefore there are no mandatory requirements for experience or safety kit. The organisers recommend use of trail shoes however road running shoes will be allowed, with caution recommended on rough sections. A waterproof jacket may be required in case of bad weather.


The two crossings of the B976 represent the biggest risk to competitors. To mitigate that risk these points are well marked and marshalled, and competitors are urged to take caution.

Runners must obey marshals at road crossings. If a forced stop results in a possible change of race result, runners may appeal with the RO.The RO's decision will be final. 

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