We are so grateful to the local organisations who have helped us with the generous donation of prizes, which have enabled us to use all of the the funds raised to help our school and children


Finzean Estate are very supportive of this race, giving us access to the land and even moving cattle around to accommodate us. Run fast enough and you'll win a voucher for tea and cake at the Finzean Farm Shop!

Ceva Logistics are a global logistics company with a facility in Echt, and they have very generously funded the reusable bamboo cups which we will be giving out. Thanks!

Outthere Active Wear in Banchory have given us two £40 vouchers and some giveaways. Thanks Nicky!

Do you fancy a delicious lunch for two at Potarch Cafe and Restaurant? Then run fast, and win one!


Once again, we have a fancy bum bag from Hilltrek (reminder, they have moved to the Deeside Activity Centre)

The organizations below have all supported, and we are really grateful to them!

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The Butterworth Gallery

Knockburn Logo.jpg